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Frequently Asked Questions

Is compliance required for all vendors?

  • No, AVA is 100% voluntary, enrollment is NOT required. Associa Hawaii encourages compliance for all standard vendors because we are committed to the highest levels of safety and the best levels of service for the communities we manage.

What is Associa Vendor Access (AVA)?

  • AVA is an online portal that stores and manages vendor information. AVA provides an enhanced vendor experience with many benefits for the association and its community contractors.

What is a standard vendor?

  • Property Services (e.g. lawn care or pool maintenance)
  • Professional Services (e.g. home inspector or piano tuner)

What is a NON-Standard Vendor (compliance not applicable)?

  • Suppliers
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Utilities
  • Associations (refunds and/or misapplied payments)
  • National Vendors (e.g. Sherwin Williams)
  • Accountants/Attorneys

What are the benefits of the standard vendor compliance program?

  • Minimized risk exposure
  • Lower overall costs and increased financial security by service providers who have completed the compliance process
  • Streamlined vendor set up, screening and payment processing
  • Storage and tracking of all important documents such as proof of insurance, tax documents and invoices
  • Visibility to invoice status

What is Enterprise Risk Control (ERC)?

Associa Hawaii is dedicated to providing unsurpassed community association management services and a high level of security to our clients, which is why we have partnered with an expert in compliance standards, Enterprise Risk Control (ERC). ERC services include gathering all required documentation such as:

  • Copy of completed W9
  • Copy of contract license, if required for all trades engaged in OR if professional, professional licensing requirements
  • Copy of home city business license
  • Contact information of insurance carrier, who should provide certificate of insurance documentation
  • Any other documents as requested by ERC for a particular trade or industry 

Why is there an annual fee of $150 to go through the compliance process?

  • The fee is paid directly to our compliance partner to offset the cost of gathering, validating, and maintaining compliance information. This is an annual fee per vendor, regardless of the number of Associa Hawaii communities they may serve.

Who decides if standard vendors complete or waive compliance?

  • It is best practice for all standard vendors to go through compliance. Standard vendor compliance requirements are determined by the board.

How long does the compliance process take?

  • Once the vendor has completed the registration online and documentation is submitted it takes a standard vendor approximately six business days to complete the compliance process.

How will board members have visibility to invoices & vendor information?

  • A board member can request read-only access into our invoices payable program (Strongroom) by contacting their community manager.

Who do vendors contact with questions about AVA or ERC?

  • ERC Questions & Technical Issues: support@enterpriserc.com or call 469.304.3360
  • AVA Questions & Technical issues: access@associaonline.com or call 1.844.652.8819

Who do community managers contact with questions?

  • AVA Questions: VendorDataMgmt@associa.us

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