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Municipal Utility Districts

Municipal Utility Districts

Raising the value of your district.

Because municipal utility district (MUD) management requires expertise in a broad range of diverse disciplines, you need someone on your side who excels in all of them. Associa does this with a broad range of experience from management to compliance, and almost everything in between. Created to provide one or more utilities or services, MUDs are subject to procedures and regulatory requirements and have the ability to tax their citizens, enact "laws," and assess fines.

Our team of dedicated professionals works hand-in-hand with district facilities management, consultants, and other officials to enhance the value of your district.

Our services for municipal utility districts include:

  • Comprehensive operational and financial assistance
  • Budgeting operational, maintenance, technical, and capital improvement needs
  • Metering and billing, including collection
  • Utility management, billing, and collection
  • Master insurance programs
  • Bulk utility purchasing
  • Preventive and seasonal maintenance
  • Prompt, computer-tracked work orders
  • Custom mailings and e-blasts
  • Detailed records maintenance and electronic storage
  • Vendor screening and selection
  • Emergency repair services
  • 24-hour customer communication line (365 days a year)
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