Homeowner Communications

Customized communication services keep your community in the know.

Your homeowners want more than just a neighbourhood – they want a true community and sense of belonging. To help build that community, implementing an effective communication strategy for your residents is key. Associa provides a suite of services that make it easy for you to keep your HOA’s residents well informed about community news—and create a buzz that gets people talking.

We go beyond to give you all the communication channels you require. Besides the very basics like annual meeting assistance (setup and mailing meeting notices) and responding promptly to service or emergency requests, we have a range of unique services available for your community.

Associa’s Website

This website, along with Associa’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, sits at the centre of our company’s online identity. The Associa website is a centralized, convenient communication hub: Its simple navigation directs users to contact details, news, announcements, emergency information, and even useful lifestyle content.

Community Websites

In today’s digital world, having convenient online tools at your fingertips is essential. Associa creates personalized websites that provide instant access to your community’s latest news, as well as a wealth of online services, including a community calendar, association documents, and much more. These websites keep residents informed of community changes, upgrades, and service improvements and provide vital emergency information during critical times. And you never have to worry about putting your residents’ private data at risk: We use SSL, an Internet security protocol that allows safe and secure transmission of sensitive information.

Messaging Services

Associa also provides another easy way for your community to stay connected by delivering timely, customized messages to each registered homeowner. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including voicemail, text-to-speech, text message, and e-mail – whatever best fits the needs of your community.


Associa community newsletters help your community stay informed. We provide production, publication, creative, and distribution services to help build stronger connections among members, board members, committees, and the community manager.

Homeowner Portals

Associa Access offers secure, 24/7 access for homeowners to pay assessments, request and check work order status and to receive covenant violations notifications.